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ZC2516BS low resistance tester

ZC2516S series intelligent low resistance tester is specially used to test various resistances. The 24 bit color 4.3 inch color LCD screen with touch function is simple in operation and fast in testing. It is suitable for various resistance design, inspection, quality control and production testing. This machine has three gear sorting function. In the sorting state, the resistance value or percentage value can be selected to display, and the resistance value can be judged as too large, too small or good according to the set value. At the same time, there is a sorting interface on the back panel of the instrument to enable the interface to start the signal and enable the instrument to measure. The test results are output from the interface on the back panel at the same time. Through this signal interface, the instrument can be connected to the component mechanical processing equipment for automatic testing. In addition, the machine has a USB interface and a Handler interface. The panel function can be completely controlled by the computer. The test results can also be sent back to the computer for saving through the USB interface or USB interface, or the data can be directly saved in a USB flash disk.