Strengthening the establishment of an automated system for power grid dispatching and promoting the construction of a unified information security system.

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Strengthening the establishment of grid scheduling automation system, promote the unity of information security construction news content including grid scheduling automation system, information security

The purpose of power system information security is to prevent attacks on the power grid and power plant computer monitoring system and scheduling data network infringement and the resulting power system accidents, to protect the power system's safe, stable and economic operation, and to protect the security of the national important infrastructure. Therefore, the establishment of scheduling automation system security protection system is an important work for the future grid scheduling automation system. Power system information security has become an important part of the production, operation and management of electric power enterprises.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the power grid, especially the grid scheduling automation system and other rapid development, power scheduling control business has become the lifeblood of the power system, according to the People's Republic of China National Economic and Trade Commission Order No. 30, "Power Grid and Power Plant Computer Monitoring System and Scheduling Data Network Security Protection Provisions," the requirements of the power control system must be implemented with office automation systems to implement effective security isolation, the power control system used by the scheduling system has become an important part of the production, operation and management of power enterprises.