What is the important role of insulation resistance tester in testing?

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Insulation resistance tester, also called megohmmeter, is used to check the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, household appliances or electrical wiring to ground and phase to phase, in order to ensure that these equipment, electrical appliances and wiring work in a normal state, to avoid accidents such as electrocution casualties and equipment damage. Today to give you an explanation of insulation resistance tester in the detection of what important role.

Previously, pumps, fans and other large and medium-sized equipment, large and small repair cycle is generally determined in two ways: running hours accumulated or regular maintenance.

According to the actual number of hours of operation and the actual operating conditions of the equipment, to determine the repair cycle of the equipment, the cycle to, or poor operating conditions of the equipment, notify the overhaul personnel for the overhaul of the equipment, some of the equipment is also based on many years of experience, to determine the size of the repair cycle, pumps a year for an overhaul cycle, the annual production peak, the need for more cooling water, all the pumps group for overhaul. The fan runs more frequently, in order to improve the purification efficiency or to ensure the normal supply of electrolysis tanks, overhaul cycle may be set at half a year, whether it is according to the table time or by the annual method of determining the overhaul cycle, are too old-fashioned. To get out of the traditional maintenance mode, we must rely on advanced scientific instruments as a means of inspection.