The ZC55 series lithium battery short-circuit tester is a fast switching power supply principle, which can charge and discharge the tested product quickly, automatically discharge after the test is completed, and has the test terminal contact reliability test function and the short-circuit test function before the product test. The instrument is controlled by a single-chip microprocessor, which is easy to operate and has complete functions. It has the characteristics of wide measuring voltage range and fast speed. The instrument adopts a 24-bit color 4.3-inch color LCD screen with touch function. It is easy to operate and fast. It can intuitively display the output voltage, measuring range resistance, and insulation of the measured object. For parameters such as resistance, the instrument has functions such as automatic range or lock, sorting output and external trigger input interface, making the test more direct, convenient and reliable. This machine has a USB interface and an RJ45 interface. The panel function can be completely controlled by the computer. The test results can also be sent back to the computer through the USB interface or RJ45 interface for storage, or the data can be directly stored in a U disk for storage.
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