Insulation resistance tester use and precautions

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Ensure that the test article is safely grounded and not energized.

Ensure that the E terminal (ground terminal) of the meter is grounded.

Ensure that the battery is fully charged, if the "Under Voltage" lamp is lit it will not be possible to test properly.

Touch the "Start/Stop" button, the E and L terminals of the meter will output high voltage, please pay attention to safety!

When the test is finished, touch the "Start/Stop" button to turn off the high voltage.

1, the equipment under test, with the instrument is equipped with special test line connection, firm and reliable connection.

2. Turn on the power

Turn on the instrument "power switch", the instrument light-emitting dots. LCD display open "1".

3、Turn on the high voltage

Use the "voltage selection button" to select the required test voltage after the corresponding indicator light. Press the "start/stop" button after the corresponding indicator light, the instrument starts high voltage.

4、Insulation resistance test

Connect the E terminal of the instrument to the ground terminal of the test piece and the L terminal to the line terminal of the test piece; start the high voltage, the instrument enters into the test state and the screen displays the insulation resistance value of the test piece. (Corresponding to read the display value unit)

5、Close the high voltage

The instrument enters the test state, the screen displays the insulation resistance value of the tested product (corresponding to the unit of reading the display value), after the test is completed, press the "start/stop" button to turn off the corresponding indicator light, and the instrument turns off the high voltage.

6, charging

Connect the AC220V charging power supply interface, "charging" indicator light, full "charging" indicator off. (If the instrument is not used for a long time, please ensure that 3 to 5 months to charge once.)