What is the important role of insulation resistance tester in testing?

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Insulation resistance tester, also called megohmmeter, is used to check the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, household appliances or electrical circuits to the ground and between phases to ensure that these equipment, electrical appliances and circuits are working in a normal state to avoid electric shock, casualties, and equipment damage. accident. Today, I will explain to you what is the important role of the insulation resistance tester in testing.

In the past, there are generally two ways to determine the period of large and small repairs for large and medium-sized equipment such as water pumps and fans: cumulative or regular maintenance when operating the platform.

According to the actual operating hours of the equipment and the actual operating conditions of the equipment, determine the repair cycle of the equipment. The cycle is up, or the equipment is in poor operating conditions, and the maintenance personnel are notified to overhaul the equipment. Some equipment also determines the large and small repair cycle based on years of experience. One year is an overhaul period. During peak production periods each year, when more cooling water is needed, all pump sets should be overhauled. The fan runs more frequently. In order to improve the purification efficiency or ensure the normal supply of the electrolyzer, the maintenance cycle may be set at half a year. The method of determining the overhaul cycle on time or annually is too old. If you want to get out of the traditional maintenance mode, you must rely on advanced scientific instruments as detection methods.